Weddings with Libby-Loo

Our gorgeous vintage Citroen Van is a perfect show stopper for your special day. She is affectionately known as Libby-Loo and is the classiest of coffee shops on wheels. From our gorgeous little van we provide speciality teas, fresh coffee, homemade cakes and delicious crepes, the sweetest of dessert vans in more ways than one. There are many ways that we can fit in to your special day, here's a few ideas.

For this wedding at the beautiful Hoar Cross Hall the bride wanted us to be a lovely surprise for her wedding guests so we arrived once the ceremony had started and all the guests were in the church. It was a cold, frosty and foggy day which added to the romance. The guests must have been freezing during the service as we were told there was no heating in the church. We set up on the pathway up to the beautiful Hoar Cross Hall so we were all ready for the guests once the ceremony had finished. The bride and groom led the procession from the church to our beautiful little van and we served lots and lots of hot chocolates, along with plenty of tea and coffee to keep the guests refreshed while the photographer made the most of the stunning backdrop.

Take a look at the pictures kindly sent from the bride and groom which shows perfectly how Libby-Loo can fit into you special day.

If your thinking of an outdoor wedding on a beautiful summers afternoon take a look at these images from a recent wedding at Inkersall Grange Farm. Guests relaxing on the lawn, playing games, having fun and enjoying themselves, strolling over to our gorgeous Libby-Loo being served delicious crepes with their choice of filling. Guests love to watch their food being made especially for them and they all enjoy a tea and coffee in between the alcoholic beverages they have been provided with throughout the day.

If you would like the ultimate in sweet treats you can mix it up, have crepes and cakes, the ultimate dessert table for your celebrations.

As you can see, we are adaptable to your needs whether it's just for drinks to refresh your guests, cakes or crepes. Do get in touch if you'd like Libby-Loo to be a part of your perfect day because she loves a wedding!

Photo credits: Twig and Vine Photography, Hannah Hall Photography

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